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You are planning a trip to Prague? You will stay in Prague for a week, 5 days, 3 days or just one day? You do not like the usual guided tourist sightseeing tours?

We’ve made our “Prague in the box” project for you!

An interactive city tour, packed in a pretty box. This is an unusual way to make a surprise to your loved one, to spend the whole day together, to show the romantic side of Prague, or even to make a propose!

You can order an interactive tour Romantic Prague in a box right now. All you need is:

1) Place an order

 Pay online or offline. After that we will contact you within 1-3 days to confirm the order and to arrange a delivery address and time.
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2) Get your Prague in a box

 at the beginning of the route or at any address in Prague.

3) Enjoy your Prague tour for two

Choose any day (but avoid Monday) and do not forget to take a box with you. Enjoy the best views of Prague, funny stories about the city, delicious drinks at local cafes, small adventures and big plans that you’ll make together.

Remember, you can use “Prague to the box” in any season of the year: summer, winter, spring and autumn. The route is not tied to the date. Although, let’s be honest, Prague is especially beautiful in April and May!

We’ll be very grateful if you leave a feedback on the Prague in a box page or write a review on TripAdvisor. This will help our future customers to get more information and will help us to improve our service!