Tram tickets in Prague: сontactless purchase


Hooray! No more searching for coins!
Now you can pay for your tickets by contactless card in all the No. 18 trams everyday and in all No. 22 trams on weekends.

Vending machines that offer the option are installed in the trams Škoda 15T operating on those lines, and always at the entrances to the car through the first, third and fifth doors.

Passengers can purchase a single fare in the amount of CZK 24or CZK 32 or an all-day fare for CZK 110. In addition there are 50% discounted fares for children and seniors for CZK 12 or CZK 16 or CZK 55.

The pilot project for purchasing tickets by means of contactless payment is planned to last for a period of one year. If it works well, the Prague Public Transit Company is planning to roll-out this method of purchasing tickets on other Prague tramlines.



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