4 great online services in Prague


It goes without saying all locals look for a doctor at ZnamyLekar, order food at DameJidlo, buy massage courses or theatre tickets via Slevomat (isn’t it?).

There’s a real service-boom in the Czech Internet: firstly, a lot of online-supermarkets with door-to-door delivery were open and later other nice and useful services appeared.

So, which one is the most useful of them? We chose four.

Delivery. DoDo

3 fbMy favorite one.
Minimalistic service of delivery of anything anywhere (in Prague) at any time. It works through SMS at 222 111 800. by principle: Send a request – get the price offer – apply (or bargain) and send the delivery address.

Payment by cash upon delivery.

Babysitters. Babysitting.today

5fbNew service which is working in Czech Republic plans to open its German branch. Headquarters are situated in England. It’s one of the best services regarding design of webpage and applications at App Store & Google Play.
Service is looking for babysitters, who are close to you by geotag. Ratings, personal info and photos of both: parents and babysitters are attached.

Payment. All payment are online through banking card.

Repairs. Opravarna

2fbThis is not new, but worthy Czech service, which helps to find handyman to fix whatever you need: laptop & mobile phone, sanitary stuff & furniture, clothes & car. The main idea is auction: you offer job and maximum price you are eager to pay, handymen answer you in comments with their price offer. Than you choose a person you like more.

Payment. By cash upon delivery of service. Commission (15%) is paid by handyman in the end of the month.

Household and Professional Duties. Agent Andel

4fbSearch of performers (Angels as they called by service) who will do any household, professional task. The choice is also based on the auction: you set the task (cleaning, movement, walking the dog etc.) & maximum price; performers offer their service and price.
Agent Andel does not hire people, but connect people. They only check handymen by asking for professional certificate/diploma, criminal record certificate and contact information.

Payment. Online upon fulfilling the request. 12% fee is paid by client.

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