Shop Balkanova: wool from Bulgaria


While hanging around the city we discovered tiny shop Balkanova. It turned to be one of those “saint” shops, which must be supported.

Karoliny Světlé 23, Praha 1 – Staré Město

What is it?

It’s the coziest two-floor compartment with blue wooden floors, where colorful blankets, scarves and carpets are sold. As it is written in the official website organic wool of Bulgarian sheep and natural dyes, i.e. plum and hazelnut, are used in the process of production. Wool is scoured in wooden washtubs without using cleansers.



  • Huge and colorful woolen blankets – 1119 CZK5
  • The same one but extra-soft – 1550 CZK
  • Rags and mats – 1400-2500 CZK
  • Hand-made carpets – 4000-18000 CZK
  • Cloth pieces – 335 CZK

Other prices you can find at friendly website. It’s possible to order online and to find out how to take care, wash and clean products.

Supplementary goods:

You also can buy Bulgarian wine or taste it for free. Also woolen socks, bags and rose oil cosmetics are sold there.


All of you who are fond of cozy shops will like Balkanova. In addition, it’s quite difficult to find in Prague tiny, tourist-free, non-standard shop. Last week I found the same blankets in cubism shop in Dům u černé matky boží for 3500+ CZK.


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