Medvedarium: teddy bears in Prague



You’ll find Medvedarium right at the Charles Bridge in the courtyard of the house (Mostecká 18, Praha – Malá Strana). It’s a store with teddy bears of all ages, types and configurations.

You wont find there new teddy bears. But there are honorary animals extant from 18th century, ordinary fluffy bears with balls on the back and acid offsprings of mass market.

All of them were someone’s and became nobody’s.



In fact, the store is a personal collection of Aunt Lucie Němcová, who loved bears, sewed up them, mended the old ones and adopted unwanted ones. Now you can buy a teddy bear (100-200 CZK) or bring and give your old friend (which is much nicer, in my opinion, than to throw it in Prague’s red container for textiles).
Besides they sell honey, jam, cake in the shape of a bear, bear-earrings and other “teddy’s stuff”.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00.


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