The 3 best second-hand shops in Prague


00Many second-hand shops were opened in Prague recently. All of them have nothing in common with typical Textile House, Modni Manie etc., I mean you don’t need to rummage through a dump of pink polyester to find something really useful.
Here are three of the cutest ones:


10945021_835467056533174_4946756254456331373_nPrvniho pluku, 6 – Karlín

A brand new second-hand shop. Firstly, there are quite low prices here: jeans for 100 CZK, pullover for 70 CZK. Secondly, it’s open on Saturdays (!)  – 11:00 AM – 03:00 PM. As you enter the shop it becomes obvious that owners have good taste. The interiors and decorations are considered to the detail. There are G-Star and Topman among common brands, but in general there are unknown brands look like Yamamoto or Cheap Monday.

Malé černé

10431482_486735401470011_5465058436978917165_nHaškova, 2 – Holešovice
This shop is a little bit more expensive than a previous one: jeans from 200 CZK, dresses from 250 CZK. It seems that owners are more conservatives, so the choice is poorer than in a previous one, but here you can find a velvet jacket for example. Even 6 different velvet jackets, and each of them looks like it will bring you in the heart of student riots. Immediately!
In general clothes aren’t extremely fashionable, but of a high quality.


283508_435110273193337_934357736_nSlezská 884 – Vinohrady
This is the most expensive shop in the list, but the choice of the owner is easily understandable. If you are looking for jeans, you’ll find Levi’s for 400 CZK, if footwear – Converse for 700 CZK.
But on the other hand really crazy stuff lives here: pink sheepskin coat, leather top with rhinestones, tartan jumpsuit and more and more. I’d like to say it’s a place for punks, but if you are not, still pay attention to it.

In addition:

If you are going to the Roaring 20s Party, visit E&N (Konevova, 2a – Žižkov); 50s Party – than Jane Bond (Francouzska, 7 – Vinohrady), if you need any vintage or strange clothes – Bohemian Retro (Chvalova, 8 – Žižkov)!

Here is also a large list of Prague secondhands sorted by district!


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