Cat’s cafes


Cat’s cafe (Kavárna Kočičí) situated at Křižíkova 22, Karlin and inhabitated by eight cats is a must visit place for all cat lovers. These cats are fame and honor of the coffee house and each one has it personal story.
In all other aspects it’s an ordinary place with ordinary menu and prices. Except one – the owners add 20 CZK to every bill, which are spent on cats: food, litter, houses, toys and veterinary.


By the way, there are two more same cafes in Prague:
1) The oldest cat cafe in the city Freya at Bořivojova 43, Žižkov,
2) The new one Kočičí kavárna at Vodní 7, Smíchov. It obtains a tiny terrace.
3) Co-working place, consisting of 4 rooms and a kitchen Social Point at Gorazdova 20, Nové Město.

All you need to know about the cat’s cafe is Kavárna Kočičí’s rules:

  • 12278888_1951338315092392_8425960986638556277_nBy crossing the doorstep, visitor is obliged to obey the rules of the cafe. Violators will be expelled out of the territory.
  • Visitors enter at their own risk.
  • Every visitor agrees that cats a free walks inside the cafe and visitor can feel uncomfortable because of that (allergy for cats, pregnant woman, parents with kids etc.).
  • Parents are in charge of the health of their kids and their behavior.

Behavior rules with cats:

  • You should treat cats softly and don’t hurt them.
  • If you treat the cat respectfully, it will answer you the same.
  • Do not wake up the cat!
  • Do not touch the cat if you feel it doesn’t want it.
  • Do not use flash on your cameras.
  • Do not feed cats with food bought in the cafe or brought from home.
  • Show love to the cat and it will return it to you.
  • Please, leave your dog at home.
  • Maintain hygiene. Cats also can fell ill so wash your hands before touching the cat.
  • Parents are in charge of kids’ behavior. Improper behavior is unacceptable. One adult must look after two kids.


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